In order to fund the annual Strath Haven Coach Millard Robinson Memorial scholarship, the Delaware County Football Coaches' Association's Coach Millard Robinson Memorial Award, and the West Chester University award, the Board of Directors set a one-time solicitation goal of $150,000. We launched the drive with $33,000 through the contributions of the Board. Your tax deductible contribution will help us attain our goal and serve to perpetuate Coach Robbie's spirit and the qualities of life he embraced. Please print, fill out and return the contribution form, which can be accessed below, and make this dream possible.

Thank you for your serious consideration of support for this Memorial Fund. Whatever you give will be greatly appreciated as you join us in remembering a very unique and influential man and help continue his dedication to young citizen/athletes.

Eugene Melcher
Board of Directors, Chairman
  Joanne Robinson Kennedy
Board of Directors, Secretary
Luren Dickinson
Board of Directors, Co-Chairperson
  Millard P. Robinson, Jr.
Board of Directors, Co-Chairperson

Contribution Form

Please select one of the above versions of the form, print it, fill it out, and mail it to:

    Coach Millard Robinson Memorial Fund
    c/o Chester County Community Foundation
    The Lincoln Building
    28 West Market Street
    West Chester, PA 19382
Drive Standings

The goal for Coach's Memorial Fund is $150,000. We are almost half way there - as of early June, we have received contributions close to $75,000. Since we're just "short of the 50-yard line" with a long drive to reach the "end zone," we will do a follow-up mailing. The follow-up is meant to reach those who may have [during the holidays] forgotten or misplaced our correspondence, were never contacted because of incorrect addresses, or just need a little nudge to make that "hand-off."

We are sincerely grateful for all donations, which have ranged from $10 to $10,000. This certainly exemplifies Coach's philosophy - "His sincere interest in every player from a J.V. sub to a first stringer is just one of the wonderful things that can be said about Coach." - 1954 SHS football program.

To those of you who have become contributors, we greatly appreciate your gift and support of our purpose - to perpetuate Coach's name and memory by recognizing citizen/athletes. Since we want this award to be commensurate with Coach's legacy, we would like to see the Fund come closer to its goal before presenting any scholarship awards - this will insure perpetuity of the Coach Millard Robinson Memorial Fund.

Maybe you can help us out! Click on the list of contributors. If you don't see the name of a classmate or friend who you know would want to be part of the Fund, give him a call. Or, let us know by e-mail and we'll send out the necessary info. Or, if you have contributed and are not listed, please let us know or get in touch with the Chester County Community Foundation.

Last Updated: 06/07/2002