Honors/Recognitions and Awards

Citation of Pennsylvania House of Representatives

The Borough of West Chester

Junior Chamber of Commerce

Legion of Honor - The Chapel of the Four Chaplains

    ". . . in recognition of service to all people regardless of race or faith."

Delaware County Council Resolution

    "WHEREAS, Millard Robinson:
  • . . . directed the special events program for the Delaware County Bicentennial Commission for the past two years, including the highly successful Summer Festival of programs at Rose Tree Park, various ethnic festivals, and visits by the Wagon Train Pilgrimage and the King of Sweden; and
  • . . . directs the Court House tour program for visiting county school children; and
  • . . . has skillfully planned several events for the County at the request of Council such as the Retirees Luncheon at the Towne House and the Festival of Lights at Rose Tree park; and
  • . . . compiled one of the best percentage records for county high school football coaches with Swarthmore High School including the longest winning streak on record in the county; and
  • . . . has been honored as Coach of the Year, Man of the Year by the Delaware County Fraternal Order of Police, and the leading fund-raiser for the American Cancer Society, Delaware County branch; and
  • . . . widespread civic and community achievements have made him one of the most respected and loved citizens of Delaware County.
  • NOW, THEREFORE, We the Council of Delaware County . . . thank you . . . for your total dedication to every project you've undertaken."

Delaware County Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Award

  • Dedication to family as a loving husband and father
  • Leadership in both his church and community
  • Outstanding accomplishments as a coach and educator
  • Masterful handling of the Rose Tree Park Summer Program
  • Continuing inspiration and service to his many friends, both young and old, throughout our great county.

Delaware County's Veteran's Council Man of the Year

Andrew Kirkpatrick Memorial Award

Delaware County Bar Association Themis Award

Delaware County Board of Realtors Distinguished Citizen Award

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