Professional History after retiring from Swarthmore High School

Coached football at Swarthmore College, '73

Taught at West Chester State College, '74 & '75

Director of Special Events for

  • Delaware County Rose Tree Summer Festival
    • Responsible for concept and creation of, 1975
    • Founder of "Festival of Lights for Peace"
    • Developed "Spirit of America" award presented every 4th of July at Park. Given to people who have made outstanding contributions to the growth and progress of Delaware County through their life's work
  • Delaware County Bicentennial 1975-76
    • Wagon Train Pilgrimage
    • Welcoming the King of Sweden
    • Delaware County Bicentennial Citation " . . . commending special contributions to Bicentennial program and Delaware County at large"
  • Special Events for Delaware County 1977-83
    • Designed display "Delaware County Government Serving You," telling the story of Delaware County government at work to promote better understanding and greater citizen participation in affairs of the government
    • Tours of the Court House for school children

Hero Scholarship Fund of Delaware County, 1977

  • Principal designer and organizer in development of - secretary of Fund. Purpose of Fund to raise money to provide educational scholarships for the children of Delaware County firemen and policemen who give their lives in the line of duty
  • Hero Bowl Achievement Award ". . . instrumental in the institution of the Hero Bowl . . . founding board member . . . Honorary Game Captain" . . . "A lot of the credit [for the success of the Hero Bowl] has to go to Robinson, whose tireless efforts have made the Hero Bowl one of the biggest events in the county."

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