It was said of him . . .

Over the years, many newspaper articles have been written about Coach. Here are some excerpts that show his spirit, his passion, and the influence he has had on so many people.

"Ted Talks" (by Ted Clark, Sports Editor, Chester (PA.) Times, May 1959)

"Millard Robinson , the super-successful football coach at Swarthmore High School, has come upon his players doing their homework at halftime of a football game. ...a coach might be excused for tearing out his hair..."

"...the coach, who’s favorite expression is ‘Oh, gad,’ has a full head of close-cropped graying hair. Why? Easy, because as Robinson puts it, ‘concentration is 90 percent of it in any sport - and my boys surely have concentration. They ... might do homework at halftime, but when it comes time to play football, they do that, too, and they do it well. They do everything well.’ The record speaks for itself ... accumulated the enviable slate of 92-22-2."

"Throughout, the commodity that Robinson sells is this ‘Winning is the motivation - has to be. But - and this is the important thing - when it’s all over, what kind of fellow is left as a carryover?’ "

"Millard Robinson: Molder of Men" (by Ed Gebhart, Daily Times - May 1967)

"Robbie ... may not have turned out undefeated teams ... but he has consistently turned out outstanding young men in his 21 years at Swarthmore. ...the hundreds of boys who have come under Robbie’s ‘spell’ might have great difficulty remembering the team’s won-and-lost record ... but they all remember Coach Robinson and the lessons he taught them..."

{Bill McHenry} "He set such high personal standards that the players had a tremendous respect for him. ...Perhaps most important he instilled confidence in us ...we weren’t that good. Coach has us believing we were unbeatable and I feel sure we played over our heads. ...With the exception of my immediate family, no one has had so great an influence on my personal life as Coach Robinson."

{George Storck} "To him, coaching is a way of life and he feels keenly about what he teaches."

" ‘Retired’ Robby tackles Bicentennial" (by John Plaisant, Delaware County Daily Times, 1975)

"Millard Robinson is one of those rare individuals afflicted with movearoundalotaphobia. ...Robby’s current project is the Delaware County Bicentennial, and he has attacked the job with the same gusto that he showed for so many years on Delaware County sidelines. ... ‘This is a great opportunity for us,’ [said Robinson]. ‘This is a time to develop awareness of our American heritage.’ "

"A man of all seasons is Millard Robinson" (by Gene Golmoka, Delaware County Daily Times, December 1976)

"Millard Robinson did it all. Doesn’t it border on the incredible that Robbie has found time to do so many things and do them successfully in his lifetime ... Incredible guy, Millard Robinson."

"Millard Robinson Named Delaware County ‘Citizen Of The Year’ "(The Swarthmorean, April 1983)

" ‘Robbie’ is well known to many, particularly in Swarthmore where he taught and was football coach at Swarthmore High School for many years. In recent years he has been responsible for many of the County’s civic and cultural activities, including the annual schedule of events at Rose Tree Park."

"I Tried To Help People Find Out Who They Are" (by Pete Innaurato, News of Delaware County, May 1984)

"There are few people in the world, many agree, who have been needed by other people more than Millard Robinson. He has been a cushion of comfort, the pillar of strength, and the shaper of dreams for so many..."

"‘Basically, I tried to pull potential from each kid I coached,’ [Robinson said]. ‘I tried to get them to believe in themselves. I tried to make them realize that there is a way to win, to become better for everyone ... sought to show the kids that the best way of doing things was to play the game fair and to work as a cohesive body.’ "

"Robinson is all give and no take" (Delaware County Daily Times, June 1986)

"Life, according to Millard Robinson, is being involved. It’s getting out, meeting people and taking an active part in living..."

"When the ‘Prospectors’ struck gold" (by Ed Gebhart, Delaware County Daily Times, June 1992)

"Once upon a time, ...there was a little school in a little town, both ... called Prospect Park."

"...its graduates still stage reunions ... most recent ... to celebrate a remarkable football season of 50 years ago. That’s the year ... with 60 kids in the senior class ... was crowned high school football champion of Delaware County."

"...the ’42 football team gathered... They talked about that extra point and their teammates ... but mostly they talked about their old coach, Millard Robinson. ...the man who not only molded them into a championship team, but also set them on a straight and true course for the rest of their lives. ‘The constant guidance that Robbie gave to all of us will never be forgotten... We have lived our lives with discipline, sportsmanship and do-all-you-can attitude that he instilled in us.’ "

"At the dinner, when Riess spoke, he turned to Robbie and said, ‘Coach, I owe it all to you. Thanks to your discipline, you turned my life around.’ "

"The personification of integrity" (Delaware County Daily Times, April 1995)

"One man who surely belongs in the legendary status is Millard Robinson. ...he still commands a love and respect from his former players that is almost fanatical in scope."


Obituaries upon his death June 9, 1999

"Millard Robinson, 85, legendary coach...Ex-Swarthmore High mentor was also known for charity work" (by Ed Gebhart, Daily Times - June 1999)

"...a father figure to three generations of young athletes and a tireless worker for humanitarian causes. ...Perhaps Mr. Robinson’s most notable achievement over the years was taking a group of youngsters that most opposing players considered unskilled and developing them into hard-nosed athletes who could give as good as they got from the best of them."

"Guys would come back years after they left Swarthmore to talk. ...No matter the problem, they still went to Coach for advice."

"Millard Robinson: Anything but just another grid coach" (by Ed Gebhart, Daily Times - June 1999)

"...Robbie never was about merely wins and losses ... he was about turning young boys into young men. ...Robbie was general Patton with compassion, Father Flanagan in football cleats, Norman Vincent Peale without a pulpit..."

"No way to replace ‘Robby’ (by Terry Toohey, Delaware County Daily Times, June 1999)

"Robinson became one of the driving forces behind the Hero Bowl ... worked tirelessly on behalf of the Hero Bowl. ...You will never meet a more gracious and kind man..."

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